Life is too short to wait. Live Today!

Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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Entry Level Tri Bike - Ribble TT

Is the most affordable decent Triathlon - Time Trial Back out there?

It is really worth a closer look.

On my way searching for Tri bikes on the local ads I found a lot of expensive bikes. And that was disappointing. Well know bike brands but still ridiculously out of reach.

Having a look on new models was way more disappointing as many costed as much as a 200cc engine motorbikes.

What do I really need as an Age Grouper  triathlete ?

Actually, I need a TRI- bike to train and race in triathlons and maybe participate in some Time Trial events in the next years.

And with that new Tri bike, I will have removed my extra added aero-bars on my basic road bike and raise a little bit the wheel bar and make it comfortable again for Audax/Brevets long ride events. (That was its main use before getting into triathlon after all)

So while searching on the net, I bumped on  Ribble Cycles  and found out that you can use the interface to build online your bike selecting all components by your self.

The most economic model of Ribble Cycle,  Ribble TT, has an alu 7005 frame  with those:


At last. I will be able to change gears by the aero bars without having to get up and grab the lever shifters on the Bianchi.

This bike Seems Very interesting as an entry-level ti bike build and I am thinking of purchasing it.  Having the Shimano 105 groups is its biggest advantage I think as it is widely known for its endurance on long use.

Ribble TT Alu
Ribble TT bike and all details for a more advanced custom  build can be found out on  Ribble Cycles page.




Are you thinking also about getting a Full Carbon Aero bike  ?

Have a look on this too, it is a bit more expensive but it might be the One you are looking for.
 Ribble Aero TT Matt Black

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