Life is too short to wait. Live Today!

Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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Racing AlmiraMan, a Half Iron triathlon in Greece

AlmiraMan  Half Iron


I am racing a Half Iron Triathlon this Sunday 05-14/2017!

Almiraman is a triathlon in northern part of Greek, next to mountain Olympus in Katerini. It got its name by Almira Beach Bar  that hosts the triathlon race every year.   And every finisher is rightfully called  "AlmiraMan".

I 've been training last 18 weeks for this race. Had my ups and downs of course in this training season. Got the flu early on Feb and I was almost a week without any training. And now just three weeks before the race I got a back problem and had to take some meds to deal with it.  I don't quite feel everything is ok with my back but I will give it a shot.

Hopefully I will come back with some good news!

Fingers crossed !

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