Life is too short to wait. Live Today!

Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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Triathlon in Chania Crete - Chaniathlon

Tri season - Travel season is ON  🏊🚴🏃😎!

Hey, I enrolled in a Tri in Chania of Crete!

Name of the race is Chaniathlon and it is on 06/04/2017

Hi people,

I took part in a simple facebook contest and won my stay in a hotel room for the days of the race Chaniathlon in Chania Town in Crete island.  Having free the cost of the hotel made it so easy to enroll to the race. Also I was thrilled to see searching for relative info on organizers website that all participant athletes and escorts of the race do get a 50% discount on ship tickets to travel to Chania!

I searched at the internet for the name of the hotel I will be staying, Oasis on Perivolakia area, just 1.5km away from the race star.


Oasis hotel in Chania, Crete
And yes, it looks like an Oasis!

I completed my entry, and I just have to service my wheel on bike as I lack a spoke in my rear wheel while racing Almiraman 70.3 :P

What else?
Well, I will do have a thorough look on the bike course using Google Street View to be more familiar with the bike course while actual racing.

Emulation is part of the preperation, , right? :-)

I am really thrilled about this one!!!!!

Chania and the whole  island of Crete in Greece is an amazing place for vacations!!!

harbour of Chania

Chania by night

Balos lagoon beach next to Chania

You can find more about the race Chaniathlon here :

GAME ON 🏊🚴🏃😎

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