Life is too short to wait. Live Today!

Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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A DNS and three wonderful TRI days

Last weekend I wrote my quickest race report ever. Just three letters :


Instead of that I did some alternative sports Tour in one favorite spot next to Mt. Olympus

(I had enrolled in a local sprint Triathlon in Syros Island but that ended with a DNS as I chose to be here and have a peaceful weekend enjoying myself with easy trainings and a nice time with friends)

I stayed in a stulys colorful hotel,  LiLaLo! That was the second time I booked that hotel this year. Having booked a small room for one I was surprised that they game me a two double bed. Not bad! :-)

My room view. Mt Olympus!

For my trainings a friend of mine, Sotiria, lent me her second bike, a Fidusa with 2x9 Tiagra Groupset and Campagnolo wheels. It was a bit smaller for me but was a great fun to ride it clipless with simple sports  shoes.

Fidusa Bike (made by a local Greek Manufacturer in Rhodes) was the lightest aluminium made bike I have ever ridden and about a kilogram lighter than my Bianchi. Handling felt nice and was great to ride on a fast ride or a slower exploring ride around.

This is one of the friends I met there. Sotiria Oustampasidou, as known as Almira Woman :-)

Paralia of Katerini in Pieria has it all !

Nice Beach bars to enjoy your coffee next to the sea..!

Local/mediterannean  tastes in Greek tavern of Mega in the village of Paralia.

Maybe the most wise choise if someone seeks a good combo of location/view/price/quality (lots of Greek/Mediterranean plates to choose from)

Lot of bars for the late hours. (Had a Drambuie Saturday night, my favourite drink). There was also an old school Discoteque club for those seeking a place to dance!

And for the romantic souls just wait for the evening and have a walk till the fishing bay for views like this!

And if you are just looking a nice spot to chill out, Almira Beach bar is a nice spot.


With that magical views, can you say good bye? I always prefer to say "Till next time"

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