Life is too short to wait. Live Today!

Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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8th Paros Triathlon and Mini Park Aquathlon in one of the most known Greek Islands

 8th Triathlon of Paros

That's an interesting race in a well known Greek island that can combine off-season low hotel rates, sun, blue sea and a Triathlon

While being in the administration of a 4K triathlete fb group called "Triathlon Friends Greece" that keeps a calendar of all triathlon/multisports races in Greece and I have a copy of it HERE, I do find out about upcoming races earlier than most people.

So it is always funny when asking my friends if they want to join me in a new race that is not yet "announced" to the public.

8th Paros Triathlon is organised this year in the third Sunday of September, on 09-17-2017 and it will also have a Mini Aquathlon race too. More info can be found on official site of organiser here  Paros Park

While searching about more info about this race I  found a clip on youtube from a previews event (Paros triathlon 2014)  and I did noticed the following :
  • Swim was in a closed sea bay
  • Both MTB and Road bikes did took part
  • Train running 
  • Routes are not flat. There are some hills.

Well I will keep an eye in this race as I haven't been in Paros and its always a pleasure for me to combine mini vacations in a new place and a race!

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