Life is too short to wait. Live Today!

Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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Almost died while cycling training in this bloody heat!

What an inspirational way to... kick my butt trying to train in the middle of the heat wave..!

Having at least ten days to get a proper training on the bike, I decided that I had to go on and actually DO something about it. Races are coming and I must go on with my triathlon schedule!!!

So I got inspired from a new video I found out in youtube from the cyclist CTX team in Melbourne. (The team that makes those wonderful training clips that are free to watch on youtube)

So I found this one, the "40 Minute Indoor Trainer Workout" and thought that "I will do fine with this" preparing my trainer, bike, water and video on my laptop.


With all this heat (35 degrees of Celsius  in Athens) I run out of water after just 30 minutes, while a lake of sweat was formed on the floor.

So I was forced to stop in order NOT to die out of heat and dehydration.

(Forgot to get more water and get the fan too...)

Well, the rest of these training workouts from CTX cycling group are in the following list.
Select one and ... enjoy !

25 minute version:
30 minute version:
35 minute version:
40 minute version:
45 minute version:
50 minute version:
60 minute version:
90 minute workout:

Don't forget :

"Always train responsible"  Listen to your body, check your HR monitor and drink a lot of water!!!!!!

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