Life is too short to wait. Live Today!

Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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Are you ever going to train buddy?

My fictional TRI- trainer,  Yoda, decided that the best way to burn some fat is to hit the pedal and train while Athens suffers from a phenomenal Heat Wave!

Train-Date of "Just Before Take Off". Year 2017. Day 182. 18:00 hours

AS I said, my master Couch , Yoda, having witness how much I have relaxed in training and nutrition after participating in AlmiraMan 70.3 and a Sprint Tri Chaniathlon in Crete, he decided that the best way to lose some fat and preserve fitness is to ...train in the heat wave! Oh my...

Temp is in acceptable levels for living in a desert and now it there are 39 Degrees of Fahrenheit. My training target for today is to have an easy spin in the bike trainer without any hard sessions or glorious intervals.  How could I with all that heat? My only target was to stay in the aerobic zone and this is Polar Heart Zone 3.

My companions?

  1. My road bike pinned on the trainer (sorry, I know you need a walk out. We will do that bike, soon) 
  2. Cyclops Fluid 2 (tra 
  3. Water
  4. Biggest fan I could find

(When cycling in 38-39 degrees, a fan can help you chill and not sweat too much. But air conditions are hard...)

My daily activity was boosted to 162% with just one hour on the trainer! Usually I reach my daily activity score with half an hour of jogging or 45 minutes of cycling  (weight, age, fitness level is major factors on calculation of daily activity. A very thin person would need maybe the double activity....)

... My personal Paincave. Normally I use a laptop as well...!

Training result on  Polar V800.

Avg speed doesn't really matter. I guess it was about 25km/h? Something like that. After all my target was a. NOT to die from all that heat wave. b. Don't skip my training and stay in Hr Zone 3

Polar V800. Todays Activity 163.  53 minutes in HR Zone 3. Avg heart rate 133

I consumed almost a  750ml of water in all my training.

It was another sauna bike training ... Hopefully the weather will be soon cooler !!!
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