Life is too short to wait. Live Today!

Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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Thanks for voting for George Kontogiannis

Thanks for Voting for George Kontogiannis!

I got cheers today as I saw on my Facebook this image on "This day", the feature that reminds you what you did this day of the year some years ago.

So it was a year ago that I used my vote to vote for my entry in Polar's "60 second to Kona" video competition and got 200 votes climbing to 32nd place out of 70

The competition held by Polar ended in August 15 and I ...won with 3899 votes getting a lot of help from Greece and around the globe! (I will make another post with more info when I will the time)

That was my entry for  "60 seconds to Kona" video competition. A 60 seconds clip with my progress on fitness and triathlon the last 5 years. The idea was that ..anything is possible and you can do it if you ...try enough ! :

Oh boy.....

As I was saying in the last captions :

Who knows what Tomorrow brings?   KONA?
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