Life is too short to wait. Live Today!

Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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Choose your poison : Fuel Oil or chlorine ?

It's September, you live in Attica and the sea waters next to it is very warm this time of year allowing you to enjoy some swimming workouts without the need of a Wetsuit.

not anymore...

Thanks to some people's amazing irresponsibility, the whole southern coastline of Athens turned black due to a huge fuel oil spill after a tanker's sinked in Salamina. That moment sea conditions were absolute fine.

Was it a targeted action to prevent further tourists sunbathe in Athens Riviera coastline this and the following years?  Was it a fuel-oil smuggling accident?  Was the ship so rotten that it sank in just fifteen minutes?  We will learn in time what caused all that pollution. The big problem is the contamination of the entire coastline and the submarine life making the coastline not suitable for swimming for a long period of time. Some say that it will need a decade to be safe again. damn.

So unfortuanetely the only safe option for swimming sessions near by is swimming pools and chlorine. 

I did a first swimming session last week and I am starting all over again to get used the smell and the taste of chlorine.


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