Life is too short to wait. Live Today!

Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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Outdoor Sunday Cycling, just without a sun.

Tyres wear out uneven on the trainer and it was way too long time since I last rode my bike outdoors. 

Plus I had to aero test my beard before it turn out all white. (Damn, time goes by fast, am I getting too old too soon? :p)

This time I chose not to ride on the Southern-East coastline of Attica but instead load my bike on the car and chose Eleysina as a start point riding westwards.

It was a warm day but the visibility was extremely low. And where was the blue sky? It seemed like was somewhere in northern Europe or England maybe.

After 2 hours of steady cycling I decided to have a quick stop for a cup of espresso in Ag. Theodori village.

I rode with Vasiliki, a swimmer actually but now training for her  70.3 Triathlon race, AlmiraMan!

Not the most epic ride of my life but it was great for training my endurance. 

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