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Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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Can one training watch be used from two people?

Modern training watches turned up to be complete everyday personal watches that do it all. Sleep quality monitors, fitness, step stairs trackers and of course they do have smart watch capabilities. mobile notifications etc).  fitness trackers are 

So while they do all that they came at a price. So can they be used from two different persons? A couple or two friends?

First of all, companies make these devices as a personal tool of tracking progress on sports and their fitness level. Each one of the companies has a supporting platform that takes all activities and based on age/height/weight/ max Vo2 and fitness level.  Using all the info and the training data, these services (and many modern watches) calculate training load and how many hours are needed before the athlete is best to go on and have another training without risking unnecessary fatigue or an unwanted injury.

So can one training watch still be used from two people? 

Yes! With some disadvantages of course but still it can.

A good solution would be to use an extra service. Most of the training services synd their data with Strava. So I will use Strava as the extra service.

So let's assume we have a couple sharing a training watch. She is a runner and he is a cyclist. It's obvious that only one can use the watch at a time. 

 So let's start.
Step 1.  Turn autosync with Strava in our device's platform (Flow, connect, etc)
Step 2. Train.
Step 3. Sync the device and wait a couple of hours to sync trainings with Strava.
Step 4. Log in in Strava. All activities should be synced, both him and hers. Erase his activities. Keep only her activities, in our case all running.
Step 5. After all her data are safe in Strava, we log on to our primary platform (Flow, Connect, etc) and erase her activities leaving only his activities, in our case all cycling.

So by now we do have all cycling trainings (his) in our primary platform and all running trainings (hers) in Strava. 

After some days, auto syncing our watch with all new trainings, won't affect Strava erased trainings. So all erased won't be resented again. And vice versa. Our platform doesn't sync back trainings from Strava.

Damn Watches... they become more and more... good looking!
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