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Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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Triathlon races in Greece 2017 - 2018 Triathlon calendar

Are you interested in racing a Triathlon in Greece? Do you think of combining vacations and a Tri???

If you do have a look on the following link for all races. You may seek for info, asking questions or queries here in this post or dropping me a message.

2017 Triathlon Race calendar in Greece


12/02/2017, Duathlon, Loutraki, “Energy Duathlon Championship” (Distance: Sprint)


12/03/2017, Duathlon, Archaia Olympia, “ Archia Olympia Duathlon 2017 “ (distance: Sprint)


04/09/2017, Triathlon, Schinias “Sprint Triathon”
04/29-30/2017, Dualthlon, 1st - Duathlon Endurance Race Eyhidas
04/23/2017, Triathlon, Oropos, “Energy Triathlon Attiki 2017” ( Sprint + Semilong)
04/29/2017, Triathlon, Rhodes island “Oceanlava Rhodes Olympic distance”
04/29-30/2017, Off-road Triathlon, Vouliagmeni “XTERRA Greece Championship” (Αποστάσεις: Full-Sprint)


05/05-07/2017, Triathlon, Spetses, “5th Spetsathlon”
05/13-14/2017, Triathlon, Katerini, “4th Almiraman”
05/21/2017 Triathlon, Kos island, “Triathlon1 Kos”
05/27/2017 Triathlon, Psatha, ”6ο Psathathlon
05/282017 Aquathlon, Megara, “Energy Aquathlon”


06/04/2017, Aquathlon, P. Faliro, “P.Faliro Nuventi Aquathlon”
06/4/2017, Triathlon, Chania - Crete, “ChaniAthlon 2017"
06/10/2017, Aquathlon, Schinias “Full moon Aquathlon”
06/10-11/17, Triathlon, Naflion, “NAFPLIO Energy Triathon 2017”
06/16-18/17, Triathlon, Syros island, “2ο Syros Triathlon” ,


07/08/2017, Triathlon, Lake Doxa, “Lake Doxa Triathlon” (Distance : Sprint)
07/09/2017, Triathlon, Evrotas, “Triathlon1 Evrotas, Skala Lakonias” (Distance : sprint)
07/15-16/2017, Cross Triathlon - Aquathlon, Loutraki - Vouliagmeni Lake, “Multisports Festival (Cross Triathlon1 & Aquathlon) ”
07/30/2017, Duathlon, Karpenissi, “Energy Duathlon Karpenissi”


08/26/2017, Triathlon, Naxos, Naxathlon,
08/27/2017, Triathlon, Tiros,


09/03/2017, Triathlon, Salamis, "1st Triathlon of Salamis"

09/03/2017, Triathlon, Ilida, “Triathlon Kuruta” 06/25/2017, Triathlon, Ilida, “Triathlon Kuruta”

09/09-10/2017, Triathlon, Katerini, “ALMIRA-X (Distances: Extreme Ironman - 4km swim open sea ship start, 167km cycling 3840m elevation, 44km run 2250m elevation)
09/09-10/17, Triathlon, Kerkyra, “Triathlon1 Kerkyra” (Distances : Sprint Triathlon + Aquathlon) CANCELLED

09/17/2017, Triathlon, Epidavros, “Epidavros Action Τρίαθλο 2017” (distances: Sprint+, Olympic+, Half Iroman &kids - Aquathlon),
09/24/2017, Triathlon , Chania - Ag. Apostoli , “7th Iperkopeli” (distance : sprint) (non - profit charity event)


10/15/2017, Triathlon, Loutraki, “Loutraki Triathlon1 Mediterranean Cup ”
10/08/2017, Triathlon, Igoumenitsa, “2ο Il Porto Triathlon”
10/15/2017, Triathlon, Loutraki, “Loutraki Triathlon1 Α/Γ – Ε/Ν ΕΟΤΡΙ & Μεσογειακό Κύπελλο”
10/22/2017, Triathlon, Schinias “Olympic Triathlon”
10/29/2017, Triathlon, Rhodes Island , “OCEANLAVA Rhodes half ironman distance” (Half Iron distance)

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For 2018 Triathlon Race calendar in Greece visit THIS LINK please