Life is too short to wait. Live Today!

Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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--- Tri or Trip? ---

Wonderful triathlon event in charming Chania of Crete (biggest Greek island)

Triathlon and a trip to Crete to escape routine of Athens?

That's what I needed this June :-)

 AlmiraMan Race report
AlmiraMan 70.3 

Ocean Lava Rhodes race report
Ocean Lava Rhodes
28/29/30-10-2016 Ocean Lava Rhodes Olympic Distance Triathlon.



Team Mango Race Sprint Triathlon Race Report
Mango Race Sprint Triathlon
09-10-2016    Mango Race Sprint Triathlon -  Big Island -  Hawaii

1st Trimore Syros Triathlon Race Report
1st Trimore Syros Triathlon 2016
11-06-2016 1ο Trimore τρίαθλο Σύρου

Ψάθαθλον 2016
05-06-2016 Ψάθαθλον 2016 Sprint (race report)

14-05-2016 AlmiraMan III 2016 Half Iroman distance triathlon (race report)

Energy Semilong Triathlon 2016
10-04-2016 Energy Triathlon Attiki Semilong (Race report)