Life is too short to wait. Live Today!

Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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Road to AlmiraMan 1/18

I just finished week 1/18 of my preperation for Almiraman. 

What is AlmiraMan?

It is an endurace triathlon race.
1900m🏊,90km🚴 and 21km🏃🏼.Same day. Sequentia.

What do you think?

Last year I made it in 06:26 hours. Went a little bit undertrained and kind of overweight.  This is my last years  race report  (in Greek) from my participation for Almiraman of 2016.

This year I aim to be in that starting line, more trained and much much "lighter"!!!

(Traveling to AlmiraMan last year)


I will be training 6 days per weeks. In 3 of these days I will be having double trainings which means swim and run or swim and bike. Duration of trainings slowly increases every week but there are some key weeks that I will be having a rest fallback week. Body needs to take a brake, right?

All trainings of first 12 weeks MUST and SHOULD be done in aerobic heart rate in all three sports so a good aerobic base is built. Afterwards I will be having some speedwork for a month and then I will have two easy weeks before the big date!!!

Being used to race with 150-155bpm I find it almost frustrating trying to settle down and go slower so I can train my heart in aerobic zone of 133-143bpm. But it's absolutely needed and I will stick to it!

On the running I will be training by "minutes" of running and not distance. That sorts of solves my problem of unintentionally going faster in order of finish my remaining distance. Time is time. You can't make it go faster, can you?

1. Training schedule

Week 1

My training schedule for week 1/18. (Race is in May 14th)

M1000m a.m (200m warmup, 6x100m, 200m cooldown)32km p.m
T1000m a.m.  (300m warmup, 10x50m, 200m cooldown)40 min p.m.
W32km p.m.
T1000m a.m. (300warmup, 500m, 200m cooldown )30 min p.m.
S50 min a.m.
S40km a.m.

2.  Trainings as recorded on Polar Flow

You may click in each training to see all details. A new window on Polar Flow will open so you may see the details.

M 09/11000m  (300m warmup, 5x100m γρήγορα, 200m cooldown) a.m. 32km bike trainer a.m.
T 10/1 (pool was closed due to ice/snow)  rescheduled on Wednesday40 min μεσημέρι
W 11/11000m, (300m warmup 10x50m, 200m cooldown) a.m32km bike trainer p.m.
T 12/11000m (300warmup, 500m, 200 cooldown) noon30 min p.m
F 13/1
S 14/150 min noon
S 15/157km bike a.m.

Weekly totals :


Lots of training. I got an avg of 192% daily goal with all these trainings.

Favorite training of the Week :

Wednesday Swim 1000μ. (300m warmup , 10x50m, 200 cooldown)


3. Training pictures

Terrible rain. How am I supposed to run on this weather? Shall I get an umbrella?

Having a whole pool for just myself. Awesome!!!

More on following clip from that lonely swim ...

Shall we swim??

Running on track. It may looks sunny but temp is just 6 degrees of Celsius.

Cycling time!

Cold. Just 3 degrees of Celcius and road cycling is freezing cold. Time to have another trainer session.

It is Sunday and weather got better! Nice! Off to Attica coast for cycling with two friends! I had to ride for 40km but withe that good company I got carried away. So we had  a stop for an espresso next to the sea and totally rode 57 km

 Cycling on Sunny Sunday with friends!

#triathlonsupertech ! My team mates, colleagues and friends! Dimitrios the charmer in the center, Andrew the UbuntuMan and me on the left.

4. Nutrition plan of the week and fails. 


Greek yogurt – 1 spoon honey – 5 almonds
Milk, 2 slices of whole wheat bread with honey
Greek yogurt – 1 spoon honey – 5 almonds
Milk, 2 slices of whole wheat bread with honey
Greek yogurt – 1 spoon honey – 5 almonds
Greek yogurt – 1 spoon honey – 5 almonds
2 boiled eggs – 2 slices of turkey – 1 spoon of cottage cheese - 1 slice of whole wheat bread
2 hours prior dinner
Greek sesame bread ring and a fruit
Greek sesame bread ring and a fruit
Greek sesame bread ring and a fruit
Greek sesame bread ring and a fruit
Greek sesame bread ring and a fruit
1/2 Greek sesame bread ring and a fruit
1/2 Greek sesame bread ring and a fruit
spaggetti with tomato sauce  - salad - cheese 
Chicken Salad 1 slice of bread
Green beens - 2 slices of bread, 1 spoon of cottage cheese
2 cows meat cutlets  - salad - 1 slice of bread

1 portion of  legumes - cheese - 1 slice of bread
Big Tuna salad 1 slice of bread
1 portion of steak - salad - 1 slice of bread
2 fruits
2 fruits
2 fruits
2 fruits
2 fruits
2 fruits
2 fruits
Arabic Pie with cheese and turkey – salad
Salad – 1 slice of bread
tuna salad – whole wheat slice of bread
 1 cows meat cutlets - salad
Salad – 2 eggs – 1 slice of bread
Salad - Greek yogurt
Arabic Pie with cheese and turkey – salad
Nutrition plan was followed nicely till Thursday. But as I got hungry I found my self devouring a lot of bread.  It seems to be my Achilles tendon in nutrition and the only way to say no is not to have it around.
But its a new week and I am restarting again trying to be more careful!

A typical night salad. Lettuce, olives, corn, tomatoes and mustard.

A typical breakfast before a full day. 

5. Weight

Weight : 98kg
Waist circumference  : 108cm

6. Results of weekly Fitness Test


Before trainings start I got 39 Vo2Max.
After finishing 1/18 week of training I got a result of 43 Vo2Max.

(In both Fitness test I used a Polar H7 heart rate monitor)

7. Equipement comments.  Feeling/effectiveness/impression

My Polar V800 decided to triple measure each stroke in swimming resulting recording 3050m in 33 minutes instead if 1000m. Damn, that would be a great world new record in swimming.   I don't know why that  happened but I upgraded it to the latest firmware and next two sessions was recorded normally again.

Swimming measuring! I guess it is kind of magic to have the equipment counting for you while you focus on breath, technique and kicking legs

Cycling in winter tip : A Buff kind of scarf is Super needed in order not to get frozen or catch a cold.   This particularly was given to me by Iordanis Papadopoulos, organiser of Almiraman (Thanks Iordanis)

8. Thoughts.

I had a double training the first day. If you aren't used to have two seperate trainings its like being beaten up! Body is relaxed from first training tension but you have a different commitment.  You need to stick to the plan and do your second training.

Running on icy roads is just dangerous. There are everywhere that frozen films of ice, you thing it is water but if you step into it carelesly, that's it. BAM!

Swimming pool was closed due to ice and slipery surfaces so I had to rechedule this training for Wednesday.

This is my first time that I have a real training plan for swimming. Till now I used to swim 100m with a little stop in between. Same pace same style till I get tired. Now my swimming has phases. Three phases. Warm up, main work, cool down.
So my first swim 1000m long total was 300m warmup, 5x100m faster with 30sec rest and 200m cool down

I setup a training on Polar flow and synced it to my V800 triathletes watch. This training consisted of 300m warm-up , 10x50m fast with 10 sec rest and 200m cool down. (I always had an issue with counting on the pool. Especially when I was training in a smaller 25m pool. I kept loosing track and got disappointed because I wasn't sure if I had finished my training or if I had some more to do.
Luckily technology solved that issue  for ever!


9. Expenses.

Swimming Pool access card renewed for January  20€

10. Favorite Running Playlist song 1/18   

 (Theme is from ThunderCats, the beloved 80s cartoon):


If you like what you read and you are still curious about this race I will be training for the following weeks, have some minutes to watch a clip from the race organiser !   ENJOY !

Plus have a time to visit Almiraman website 

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