Life is too short to wait. Live Today!

Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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Almiraman triathlon 70.3 2017 Race Report - Olympus Greece

AlmiraMan 2017 race report

 Half Iron distance Triathlon.  
1900m swim, 90km bike, 21km run

Watch my short clip about this race. It covers all the weekend! :-)

Watch my short clip about this race. It covers all the weekend! :-)

AlmiraMan 2017 race report

About 200 participants gathered from all over Greece and near by countries in order to participate to this challenging triathlon

Current on the swim made me swim 235 more meters than the 1900m swim route.

AlmiraMan 2017 - αεροφωτογραφία. Λογικά είμαι κάπου τέρμα στα δεξιά 

Found my pace using my Orca TRN and followed some slow swimmers as me. I got out of the water on 53rd minute 4 minutes slower than last year. Damn, that current and those 235 extra meters made the difference as I was sure I was swimming faster without stops. (I have improved my technique after all but it's a race and you can't have and absolute predicted result.

Bianchi Impulso

Wheel repairing by race service on site... Mt Olympus on the backround
Still anxious about the wheel. Bike mechanic struggles with time to true the rim as much as possible so I can be able to go on with my race

During cycling I had a broken spoke that twisted the wheel rim and blocked on the brake pads. Terrible, I know! I got to the closest volunteer group in a crossroad and asked them to call the race bike service. The mechanic from bike service luckily arrived and fixed the spoke issue trueing the wheel on site (big thanks about that) Half an hour later I got a flat. So I lost more than 45 minutes in total for these two bike issues. But I kept on racing..... 😤😤😤 Till the end!

Running didn't turned out nice. Tried to keep my pace at 06:30/km but after 6 kilometers I got some serious stomach problems and lost a lot of time visiting the waiting rooms...  I did my slowest half marathon run ever.

I was about to quit the race more than ten times, when I had the wheel problem and feeling a lot drained in the run due to de-hydration.

A friend of mine, Giannis Vamvakidis who was already walking the half marathon and was about to finish, cheered me up and advised me to keep on walking for the rest of the half marathon and gave me some salt sticks.

He was right,

I could do it, and SO I DID!!!


Got an award for being the most "Die Hard" athlete of the day that kept on trying after all these hours...  That was a special award for the "last" athlete that finishes the race. And as in Kona Ironman Championships, in Almiraman the first finisher of the race awards the last one for his contribution!

--- Pictures ---

Lilalo Hotel on Paralia. Just 23euros/night. Didn't charged us our late checkout! Excellent service.

Water exit Gate. A Coast guard patrol boat is surveilling the race..!

That was the most relaxing day. Saturday before the race. Got up really early to get a good nice spot to watch the swimming races and the sprint triathlon!  

Me and a friend of mine, Joanne! 

My bike has seen better days..! I must get a set of carbon wheels for the races!!!

Night life funs? Almira Beach Bar is the best option around.

Thrilled about the race!

That is late after midnight. Race organiser, Iordanis Papadopoulos is still wake preparing last minute details for tomorrows swim races and sprint triathlon.

First athlete on Almira Swim race

AlmiraFast Sprint Triathlon 2017 -  Mass start of 170+ triathletes!

Before and After

Before. Everything seems ...lovely

After. My friend Dimitrios is wondering why the heck did I got awarded from the race organiser!!!

What is next???
My plans are this target race --> 

Upcoming Target Race - Ocean Lava Rhodes 70.3

Upcoming Target Race - Ocean Lava Rhodes 70.3

Decided on my next target triathlon race. Ocean Lava Rhodes 70.3 Fancy a long Triathlon race and holidays in Greece this October? ...

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May 22, 2017 at 1:27 AM ×

great job on finishing and sweet bike, always next year!

May 24, 2017 at 12:38 PM ×

Thank you John! Next time I will do it better! :-)

September 25, 2017 at 1:40 PM ×

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