Life is too short to wait. Live Today!

Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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Expensive Road Bikes from Bianchi BMC FELT Trek De Rosa and Ribble

De Rosa SK Pininfarina (Dura Ace - 2017) Road Bike

A friend asked me "what would you buy if you were taking part in cycling races" and had the money to spare for an exotic bike?

Well I would definitely be lost in a ocean of ...options! There are amazing bikes out there and I guess I would end up purchasing what ever was more eye catching!

Bianchi Oltre would be a great upgrade I guess. I own a Bianchi Impulso right now. But maybe a wiser choose would be to get the best Ribble and spend the rest money on other accessories. (clothes, a newer high end electronic controlled bike trainer)

I searched some well known e-stores and found some bikes that seem so interesting..!

Enjoy :-)

Bianchi Oltre XR1 Ultegra Di2 2017 Road Bike


BMC Teammachine SLR01 Disc Team 2018 Road Bike


Ribble Aero 883 Disc

Trek Domane SLR 10 Race Shop Limited 2017 Road Bike


Ribble Aero 883

Ribble Gran Fondo Disc

Ribble Gran Fondo Disc 

Ribble Gran Fondo

Ribble Gran Fondo

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Joseph Mikel
February 22, 2020 at 8:54 AM ×

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Congrats bro Joseph Mikel you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...