Life is too short to wait. Live Today!

Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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Shall we dance latin?

Shall we dance?

Triathlon is an excellent exercise for the whole body but along with triathlon you deal with a lot of loneliness during the trainings. 
You swim alone in the pool, you create large sweat ponds in the trainer while cycling and still not going anywhere and you do running training alone on the track, again. Your playlist in your phone can be dull and needs constant refresh and you end up feeling lonely and purposeless. 
What about ti-buddies? I find it difficult to match my program with theirs, everyone has a post-graduate course, a second job, a volunteer, family, children and use other for his workouts.

So, in an attempt of increasing the fun ration of my weekly exercise I enrolled in a latin dance course!

Following clip is from my Dance Class  in Persister.

I updated my Polar V800 for the additional Sports profile I will be using, Latin dance!

A first record of a Cha Cha lesson showed 78% fat burning for the burned calories of activity. Next time I will use my heart rate belt for more detailed recording !!!

As an hourly exercise I can not say that it is intense as many of the minutes pass through the teaching of technique, correcting steps etc. So the pure time of consecutive dance is small and that is why it calculated just 158Kcal from arm movements.


Let's do it... 

Latin dance it is !

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