Life is too short to wait. Live Today!

Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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Indoor cycling with Apple Siri

Last week I has 60 minutes of indoor bike training in the cyclops trainer talking to Siri.

Do you know Siri?

She is an Apple assistant that helps users on their mobile handheld devices with iOS. Every time I come back using Siri new questions, she appears to me that she has grown up and some respords seem ridicusly a lot like a human!
I do understand that there is a whole crew back there editing answers in thousands of common questions so people has a real human feel experience.
Who knows, in the near future it may be impossible at all to be sure if you are speaking with a human being or a machine.

to tell someone that he speaks with artificial intelligence.

Έκανα που λες μοναδικέ αναγνώστη μια ήπια προπόνηση στο προπονητήριο και κατά λάθος ενεργοποίησα τη Siri και σκέφτηκα να της κάνω μερικές ερωτήσεις μέχρι να βαρεθώ. Δεν βαρέθηκα και πέρασα μια ώρα ...μιλώντας με τη Siri.

I started asking here basic questions.

She knows what I have in my contact profile.

George Michaell lives...

Common question I guess

Artificial Intelligence is not that sure!

Just say thank you


This must be really a common question as it has monthly distance diagrams!

Thought that asking this question would made SWAT assault my home. They never came :-)

When Siri, really don't have an answer, replies with the web search list results.

For the very end I though that she was a good company but I thought I should declare that I felt loneliness. Here is what she replied

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