Life is too short to wait. Live Today!

Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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Greek Map of Pain! All triathlon and multisport races in Greece for 2018

I am pleased to present you the "Map of Pain in Greece" for 2018 AD.

Map Chartographer : Claudius Trichartious

2018 AD

Claudius Trichartious, a famous cartographer, highlights the strategic points of recreational sports for the Polimachus with multipurpose sports in water, terrain and arena, mountain, lake, islands.

The non-lethal races are carried out under unpredictable weather conditions with  added occasional difficulties such as heat, cold, humidity, wind, rain, storms, and some times mosquitoes, bees, nettles, spiders, snakes, bears and do get more interesting when sharks are added to the swimming courses.

The events are appropriate for all the tri-gladiators, but some of them due to the extensive exposure to the elements of nature are recommended only to demigods who flirt with the Pantheon of the genus of men by iron.

Do you want to see at a glance the points that are held in the triathlon matches? (With red pin points already made the fight for the current year)

For the complete list of Triathlon/multisport races press HERE

You may as well want to add the Greek multisport Calendar in your list of Google calendars :

(just press the +Google button in the lower right corner of the following calendar and then ADD to my calendars. A Google account is needed for that)

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