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Life is too short to wait. Live Today!
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Review of sports watch Casio W-734 1 AVEF

Today I am reviewing Casio W-734, a real simple sports watch with 60 lap memory.

It's been a while since I left my GPS watch in my drawer, all that furious state of the art technology that records an amazing ton of data that seems like it needs too much time to process as well. So I was keeping track of my workouts with an old watch like my old G-shock.  So trying to find a simple lap memory watch I ended up ordering this Casio from Watch Hut. Watch arrived in just 7 days without any extra shipment costs and that made that really a bargain purchase.

Model of this watch is Casio W-734-1AVEF  (EAN 4971850944461)

Main features :

  • 60 Lap Memory
  • pacer signal for running
  • distance calculator
  • 100-hour countdown timer
  • 10 Year Battery
  • Auto LED Light
  • 100M Water Resistant
  • 5 daily alarms
  • dual time zone

Casio w-734 lap timer


The width of the circular case is  42mm and its depth is 13mm.

size comparison of Timex Ironman, Casio W734. Casio G-shock 8900, Timex Ironman lap 150 and Timex Ironman
Size comparison of Timex Ironman, Casio W734. Casio G-shock 8900, Timex Ironman lap 150 and Timex Ironman

I took a picture of this Casio next to other watches with similar capabilities. From left to right there is a Timex Ironman, Casio W734. Casio G-shock 8900, Timex Ironman lap 150 and Timex Ironman.


Will this watch be in operation after 10 years? Damn, way too long time to stick together with a watch, not sure if it will make it that long. Take into consideration that it has light for the display but it is not Casio's Illuminator technology, but rather a LED that lights the display unevenly. However, that is the reason why Casio guarantees 10 years of battery life on this watch.

Operating Modes 

Modes do change by pressing the Mode button. 
Casio W-734 Stopwatch screen

Casio W-734 Memory
You can recall all the data logged in the memory. Each recording consists of the date, time, lap times and distance if you have set your stride length.

Casio W-734 Timer. It can be set up to 99:59 hours!

Casio W-734 Alarm - 5 Alarms in total

Casio W-734 Dual Time 

Every day use

So how it feels to wear the watch in everyday life?  Have used it a lot of sequencing days without removing it. Kind of low in depth so it fits easily under my arm sleeve while wearing a shirt.

Something that couldn't be done with a thicker and bulky G-shock I was recently wearing too.

View from another angle
Time is easy to tell with just a glimpse. Letter size in the LCD help.

Light of Casio W-734.

Using the watch at night. After pressing the light button you see the uneven lit of screen and although it feels old I wouldn't mind.

Total impression of the watch.

It is a sports watch that works as intended. Price is appealing for all budgets. Light materials with a combination of plastic for the watch and resin band. The edges of the front plastic reflect light and that gives the impression of a cheap watch. That's the only disadvantage I can find in the watch, the finish of the plastic screen plus the possibility of scratching it easily when you walk through narrow passages. But with just this small cost of purchase, you can't be bothered that much as it is easily replaced with a brand new W-734 if you find that it suits your sports needs.

Set up of Casio W-734

Some people like to read manuals and spent time. Other do like to waste triple as time as they would by just reading the (RTFM) manual trying to figure out how it works.

For those that like to learn to set it up through a video and see what feels like in operation, the following clip will do fine :

I bought my Casio W-734 from The Watch Hut on sales for just 14,95 euros and it took just 4 days to reach Greece with no added shipping cost. Total bargain. For just a fragment of the cost of modern sports watches you get a decent watch with lap function to time your intervals and keep a record of your latest workouts.

Casio w-734 lap timer

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